Parish Staff

Our Spiritual Leaders

Parish Pastor

Rev. Father Kevin B. Walsh

Parochial Vicar

Rev. Augustine Tran

Lay Staff

Business Manager

Kathy Semerling

Liturgy Director

Miriam Medina

        Office Assistant

Julie Canavan


Director of Religious Education

Kelly Wilton

Assistant to the Director of Faith Formation

Patricia Reed

Director of R.C.I.A

Julie Dawley

Director Of Music

Hannah Masson

Precious Blood Choir Director

Theresa Watson

Heritage Choir Director

John Flemming

Children's Choir Director

Gina Rossetti

Director of Por Amor a Cristo

Sr. Manuel Casillas

Director of Unidos Por la Fe

Sr. Sergio Cornejo

Principal, Epiphany Catholic School

Austin Poole

Director of Epiphany Pre-School Program

Monica Parsons

Epiphany Business Manager

Anne Schuyler

Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus

Steve Johnson

President, Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus

Sylvia Garcia

Webmaster Precious Blood and Knights of Columbus

Robert Dwyer